Uganda is highly vulnerable to climate change and variability. Its economy and the well-being of Ugandans are tightly bound to climate. Since 2011, UN CC:Learn has been working with the government of Uganda and other national stakeholders to develop the individual skills and institutional capacities needed to foster green, low emission and climate-resilient development.

Building a National Climate Change Learning Strategy

Together with the Ugandan government and stakeholders from several sectors, we facilitated the development of Uganda’s first national climate learning strategy, which was launched in 2013.

 The strategy sets out recommendations to boost climate change learning in Uganda over the next decade. These include:

  • Building capacity and strengthening the UNFCCC National Focal Point for Uganda – the Climate Change Unit in the Ministry of Water and Environment
  • Strengthening human resources and skills for climate change monitoring in the Department of Meteorology
  • Strengthening skills for mainstreaming climate change in key sectors such as agriculture, water and energy
  • Supporting existing initiatives to integrate climate change learning in curricula, from primary to tertiary education
  • Assessing the impacts of climate change learning
  • Harmonizing climate change learning among different institutions and levels

The strategy is available in English and can be downloaded below:

Turning the Strategy into Actions

Strengthening the Capacities of Desk Officers

The Ministry of Water and Environment organized a workshop for desk officers to train officials on climate change in all ministries. It then issued a “National Climate Change Training Manual for the Inter-Institutional Climate Change Desk Officers and Relevant Stakeholders for Uganda” in 2017. This manual, prepared with UN CC:Learn support and technical input from Makerere University, covers climate change, its diverse impacts, adaptation and mitigation options, and the development of project proposals.

Promoting Climate Change Education

In 2014, the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) in collaboration with the Climate Change Department (CCD), with support from UNICEF and UN CC:Learn, organized a workshop to develop education materials for primary school students. This led to preparation, pilot testing and the launch of two supplement readers titled “The Forest Dancer, Climate Change” and “Padeum Village. Climate Change” in 2015.  These books provide an introduction to climate change through storytelling and are used in primary schools, complementing the national curriculum. More than 120 teachers were trained on the use of these materials.

Ugandan high school students met virtually with students in Europe to talk about climate change during two Youth Climate Dialogues.

The Forest Dancer, Climate Change, Reader Series, Book 1. Padeum Village, Climate Change, Reader Series, Book 2

Our National Partners

Our work in Uganda is implemented under the leadership of the Ministry of Water and Environment.

View a video featuring UN CC:Learn Ambassador Bob Natifu talking about climate change education in Uganda:

Project News and Activities

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07 August 2014 | Kampala, Uganda

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28 June 2013 | Kampala, Uganda

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19 September 2012 | Kampala, Uganda

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29 February 2012 | Kampala, Uganda

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14 October 2011 | Geneva, Switzerland