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How can we better train and inspire young people to act on climate change? ✊🏽✊🏼✊✊🏾✊🏻 That's what we would like to learn from you! By answering this quick survey, you'll be providing helpful inputs that will share our work moving forward!  ➡️

How can the shipping industry be more energy efficient?🚢 This what our latest affiliated e-course aims to unpack.  "Energy Saving at Sea" was developed by the @IMOHQ and shows you how seafarers can save energy in their day-to-day operations. 👇…

Did you join any of our 22 #ClimateClassrooms during #COP27?🧐  We received more than 28,000 registrations from all over the globe! A big thank you to all partners involved in the planning and delivery of this initiative and to everyone who participated!…

The latest @TEDxGeneva edition brought together great speakers to pitch ideas on how "regeneration" could help tackle the #climatecrisis. Get a glimpse of what went on below!… @TEDxGeneva @HEG_GE @UNITAR @FranceONUGeneve @Marriott

Le processus du PNA fournit une base pour : 1️⃣ Identifier et hiérarchiser les options d'adaptation au #changementclimatique. 2️⃣ les mettre en œuvre 3️⃣ Suivi de leurs progrès et de leurs résultats. Pour en savoir plus ⬇️

Who is most vulnerable to the impacts of #climatechange?  🔵Women  🔵The elderly  🔵Children  🔵Indigenous peoples  🔵People with a disability  🔵All the above Find out the answer: @UNITAR @UN_Women @UNEP

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