Tour d’horizon sur la notion du changement climatique au Bénin

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UN Photo/O. Lemettais

Protéger le fleuve du bassin du Sénégal pour faire face au changement climatique au Sénégal

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The e-course on Climate Change Negotiations and Health, developed in partnership with @WHO @UNITAR and @ClimateTracking, unpacks how international treaties on #climatechange address health issues.👩‍⚕️ Start learning today👉…

Understanding how the world is affected by #climatechange, allows for individuals & society to prepare & plan. #Donating gives everyone access to #climatechange #learning & understanding! Donate today!

Aikaterina, our #winner from Greece, has made this video on the occasion of the #UNCCLearnChampion award she received this year. She's empowering #youth to act on #climatechange through #art! Keep up the good work, Aikaterina! 👉…

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New publication by @UNESCO confirms that environmental #education worldwide is still well below what's needed to tackle #climatechange. Investment in climate change education is key to achieving the goals set under the #ParisAgreement. Support us today!

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