• Climate Classroom: The Espresso Shot of Climate Learning

    This mobile learning space offers 45-min learning sessions on highly relevant climate change topics delivered by selected experts at the center of major climate change conferences and related events. Check out what comes next and join us there!

  • Learning to Live with Climate Change

    What do we need in order to be able to live with climate change? UN CC:Learn helps bring solutions through climate change literacy, by providing foundational learning and working through education systems, with training institutions, and with the private sector.

  • eduCCate Global

    Are you a teacher? UN CC:Learn and EduCCate Global have partnered to bring an innovative approach to build climate change literacy among teachers and students.  Join us today and become a climate change leader in your classroom and among your peers!

  • UN CC:Learn Annual Report

    This report presents a summary of the UN CC:Learn partnership challenges and successes during 2014 - 2017, outlining efforts to upscale climate change learning, advance global climate literacy, and promote a strategic approach at national and regional levels.

  • Youth Climate Dialogues: Guiding Tips to Get You All Set

    This guide illustrates how to set up Youth Climate Dialogues - a forum for youth in Switzerland and our partner countries to share their view about climate change. Follow #YouthClimateDialogues on Twitter to know more!