UN CC:Learn Climate Action!

Support UN CC:Learn in ramping up climate action worldwide.

Support our projects to empower people with the knowledge to tackle the climate crisis, change mindsets and behaviours and help to adapt to this global emergency.


  • Could help to keep UN CC:Learn free for its users (80% are from developing countries)
  • Could pay for one person to gain a UN CC:Learn qualification
  • Could pay for three people to gain a UN CC:Learn qualifications
  • Could help to fund new courses for the most vulnerable

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How will my donation make a difference?

Your donation

  • 82% - Training
  • 18% - Fundraising


  • 60% - Qualifications issued
  • 20% - Participants outreach
  • 20% - New course development

Together we are committed to action

We want to continue our crucial journey to equip people with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions, to act and to fight climate crisis.

Our Results

30 Countries Supported by our national projects since 2014

14 Climate Change Learning Strategies Developed in partnership with national and global partners

750,000 Beneficiaries Reached in more than 190 countries

305,000 Certificates Issued in more than 40 online courses