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Solutions rooted in nature like: 🟢Revitalizing forests and wetlands 🟢Safeguarding biodiversity by creating networks of vegetation, rivers and waterbodies 🟢And greening farms, cities and infrastructure are key to tackling the #climatecrisis. 👇…

#DYK indigenous people and women often hold unique knowledge and capacity for climate change adaptation as well as distinct peacebuilding and conflict resolution skills? Lear more today! @UNITAR @UNEP @UN_Women @UNDP @UNDPPA @adelphi_berlin  ➡️…

In #Africa, almost 90% of all general, hazardous, and unclassified #waste end up in landfills. This has negative impacts on people’s #health and on the #environment. How to reverse this situation? A #circulareconomy can be the answer. Learn more!♻️

On this #EducationDay, UN CC:Learn would like highlight the importance of #education in tackling the #climatecrisis.    No one can solve a problem they don’t understand, so knowledge is key for #ClimateAction.… @UNITAR @UNESCO

#Women and #children are disproportionally affected by the lack of access to clean energy services. How can we change that? Learn how you can address this problem in the "Gender Equality and Human Rights in Climate Action and Renewable Energy" ⬇️… 📸Panos

Young people across the world are taking the lead in the fight against the #climatecrisis. ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽 How can we further empower them?🤔 That’s what we want to learn from you. Help us by giving us your take ➡️ Learn more➡️…

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