A Generation of Young People to Reduce Carbon Footprints

26 May 2023

Jordi López has completed three courses on UN CC:e-Learn that have inspired him to launch World Zero CO2, an online carbon footprint calculator that is already being used in two schools in Barcelona, Spain. Read on to learn more about his story.

The Earth Needs Love, Leadership and Gender Equality

19 May 2023

Maryam Eqam is a climate advocate and founder who has completed 10 UN CC:Learn courses. She founded the Earth Needs Love, a not-for-profit empowering youth and working in favor of the environment. Read more about her inspiring story below.

Agroecology as a tool for resilience to climate change

16 May 2023

Juan is transforming rural communities in Veracruz towards sustainable agroecological shifts after taking UN CC:Learn courses. As part of his initiative, he is designing educational materials and encouraging training processes on agroecological practices for women and men in rural areas.

Empowering Indigenous Communities in India

9 May 2023

Indigenous people hold invaluable knowledge for biodiversity and environmental conservation but are often overlooked. Suryakanta Acharya completed the ” An Introduction to Climate Change and Human Rights” e-course and is now helping indigenous communities in India face up to environmental, social and health challenges. Read on to get inspired!