Delivering educational programmes on climate issues to generate change in Somalia

15 June 2021

Hassan Mowlid is a public health professional and a UN CC:Learn champion from Somalia. He has co-founded the Somali Greenpeace Association and has trained more than 1,000 youth on climate change. He is inspired to keep training others on climate issues and biodiversity. Read his story and discover how powerful can be to lead education programmes on climate change at local level.

Climate Literacy in the Desert of United Arab Emirates

8 June 2021

Asha Alexander is the Principal at a Primary School in Dubai and a UN CC:Learn champion. She has been innovating the way climate change is addressed in school curricula. She has been playing a key role to leverage climate literacy among students and encouraging them and teachers to act climate. Check out her story and find out what initiatives she has been implementing at her school and how can you replicate them at yours.

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Lighthouse School is Shedding Light on Climate Change Issues in a Rural Community in Brazil

1 June 2021

Maurici Tadeu is one of the 2020 UN CC:Learn champion. He created the Lighthouse School, which aims to teach about the negative impacts of climate change on the environment and society, and to encourage actions for a more sustainable planet. Read about Maurici’s journey and how the Lighthouse School has contributed to implementing low-carbon activities in the community.

Communicating on climate change in local language in Sri Lanka

25 May 2021

Supun Lahiru is an environmental activist, journalist and a UN CC:Learn champion from Sri Lanka. He has been educating the local community on climate change in Sinhalese language to overcome the lack of realiable information on climate change in local languages. Through his activism, he has been delivering trainigs and leading awareness-raising campaigns on climate change. Explore his story to find out how impactful has been his work in communicating on Sinhalese language.


Artwork by Dede Rana | Photo: Aikaterina Lingo

Empowering Children to Act on Climate Change through Art in Greece

18 May 2021

Aikaterina Lengou is the president of the Children’s Art Gallery of Greece and a UN CC:Learn champion. She was inspired to organize an international education programme for children and youth focusing on empowering children as actors of change through art. The programme conducted in an international painting competition where children and youth submitted their climate artwork. Check out the results of the competition and how she has influenced others to take climate action.

Protecting the Senegal Basin River to face climate change in Senegal

11 May 2021

Moussé Sane is our UN CC:Learn Champion. He is a Ph.D. candidate and has been deepening his studies in the field of water resources management, especially related to the Senegal River Basin. He has started a project to engage young students to protect their water resources and prevent their shortage due to climate change. Check out his story to learn how he has been engaging with the local community to face the negative impact of climate change in Senegal.

Implementing climate change education to mitigate the effects of vector-borne diseases in Colombia

28 April 2021

How climate change can impact on disease outbreaks such as Zika or Dengue? Andrea Monroy-Licht our UN CC:Learn Champion has been leading a project called Salud 1.5º.  This initiative seeks to encourage students to take action against the health risks associated with climate change and global warming. This Colombian teacher from Barranquilla has already made positive changes in her community and is looking forward to replicating this project in other cities. Discover more about her environmental education activities on climate change issues which aims at mitigating the effects associated with vector-borne diseases.

Production of organic compost

Escola do Farol no Brasil: Iluminando as Questões das Mudanças Climática em uma Comunidade Rural no Brasil

21 April 2021

Maurici Tadeu é um dos campeões da UN CC:Learn 2020. Ele criou a Escola do Farol, que visa ensinar sobre os impactos negativos das mudanças climáticas para o ambiente e a sociedade e incentivar ações para um planeta mais sustentável. Leia sobre a trajetória de Maurici e como a Escola do Farol tem contribuido para implementar atividades de baixo carbono na comunidade.

5 Young Environmental Activists Making a Difference in Climate Change

13 April 2021

Children and young people are the generations that will have to deal with the future impacts of climate change whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, they are the generation with the most to lose. But, that’s not deterring a group of children between 9 and 17 to make their voices heard, loud, and clear around the world. Their actions have caused tidal waves and some have made the headlines of media outlets. Let’s meet the youths who are already making a difference in the world.

Jeffrey at a cassava field. To increase the production of this crop, Jeffrey is using the resilient variety of cassava "Chinhembwe" and a cultural and organic method of weed control rather than chemical herbicides. / ©Jeffrey Phiri

Changing Perspectives Through UN CC:e-Learn Courses

7 April 2021

Jeffrey Phiri is from Mozambique and finished the “Introductory e-Course on Climate Change” on UN CC:e-Learn platform. He told us about the impacts it has had not only on his professional perspective but also on how he personally relates to the environment around him.