How a course on climate change helped mobilize a company to become more aware of our planet

8 September 2020

“Climate change is a reality that we cannot ignore. It is becoming more evident and that is why we must prepare ourselves and contribute to improving our practices to reduce the impact of climate change. UN CC:e-Learn is a great tool, because you can take courses from anywhere and at any time. There is no excuse, we must take action. We need to be aware and apply what we have learned through UN CC:e-Learn in our day to day life.” — Valentina Segura

Engaging Youth to Address Climate Change

25 August 2020

“It is better to work collaboratively in preserving the nature. All organizations, all tribes, all countries, all of us are citizens of the Earth. All of us have to be responsible in taking care of it.” — Ms. Sukma Impian Riverningtyas

Project website: Youth For Climate Change

Learning About Climate Change in Argentina

25 August 2020

“I could understand an issue that is not how it should be discussed within society and at the political level. I thought it was an interesting initiative that would be good to replicate in other places to continue to reach more people to generate collective awareness and allows to put on the world’s agenda the solution to the challenge of climate change.“ – Manuel María De Arrieta, participant of the workshop on climate change.