Toward a Clean Indonesia by Doddy Sukadri

13 July 2021

Doddy S. Sukadri, a UN CC:Learn Ambassador and Executive Director of the Green Partner Foundation, discusses in this article what actions Indonesia can take to achieve carbon neutrality.

Teaching climate change as a geography teacher in Jamaica

6 July 2021

Camile Clarke is a geography teacher in Jamaica and a UN CC:Learn Champion. She has told us how she is teaching about climate change in the classroom. Check it out and learn what challenges she is facing and what she has done to overcome them.

Building local climate awareness in the Democratic Republic of Congo

29 June 2021

Jean Baptiste Katako is a UN CC:Learn Champion from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our courses inspired him to create a non-governmental organization to address erosion, the importance of reforestation, and the impact of climate change on health. Keep reading to learn how he has been working together with the community and local authorities to transform erosive sites into areas of tree planting.

Leading youth climate change activism in Panamá

22 June 2021

Karen Miranda is our 2020 UN CC:Learn Champion. She grew up in a small rural town in Panamá. After taking UN CC:Learn course, she started dedicating herself to climate change causes in Panamá and is currently leading a youth organization. Read her story and learn how far she has gone and what positive changes her organization has promoted in her country.

Delivering educational programmes on climate issues to generate change in Somalia

15 June 2021

Hassan Mowlid is a public health professional and a UN CC:Learn champion from Somalia. He has co-founded the Somali Greenpeace Association and has trained more than 1,000 youth on climate change. He is inspired to keep training others on climate issues and biodiversity. Read his story and discover how powerful can be to lead education programmes on climate change at local level.

Climate Literacy in the Desert of United Arab Emirates

8 June 2021

Asha Alexander is the Principal at a Primary School in Dubai and a UN CC:Learn champion. She has been innovating the way climate change is addressed in school curricula. She has been playing a key role to leverage climate literacy among students and encouraging them and teachers to act climate. Check out her story and find out what initiatives she has been implementing at her school and how can you replicate them at yours.

Production of organic compost

Lighthouse School is Shedding Light on Climate Change Issues in a Rural Community in Brazil

1 June 2021

Maurici Tadeu is one of the 2020 UN CC:Learn champion. He created the Lighthouse School, which aims to teach about the negative impacts of climate change on the environment and society, and to encourage actions for a more sustainable planet. Read about Maurici’s journey and how the Lighthouse School has contributed to implementing low-carbon activities in the community.