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The second course in our two-part learning series is out!


Advancing Sustainable Development in Practice teaches you how to apply in practice an integrated approach to sustainable development throughout the various stages of the policy and project cycles.


Read on to learn more about the course.

In July 2023, UN CC:Learn and UNDP/UNEP’s Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development (UNDP-UNEP PEA) released a new two-part learning series on the integration of sustainable development approaches in poverty and environment issues.

The “Intro to Sustainable Development in Practice” e-course, the first course in this learning series, has been a great success with more than 8,500 sign-ups and over 2,500 certificates delivered in a bit over three months.

Following this successful launch, the 7-module “Advancing to Sustainable Development in Practice” e-course has been made available on UN CC:e-Learn.

The course is the final part of the learning series and takes an in-depth look at how to apply in practice an integrated approach to sustainable development throughout the various stages of the policy and project cycle, including analysis, dialogue, planning, financing, communicating, monitoring, and evaluation.

It is based on Chapter 2 to Chapter 8 of the publicationSustainable Development in Practice: A Handbook for Integrating Environment, Climate and Poverty Reduction” (Bass et al., 2023) and explores a number of tools, tips and methods that can aid practitioners put in place interventions related to the environment, climate action, and poverty reduction, at the national and sub-national levels.

The learning series aims to bring poverty, environment, and climate objectives into the heart of development plans, policies, budgets, public and private finance in partner countries. Both the Intro and Advanced coursesare based on years of experience, lessons, case studies, and practical guidance distilled by the PEI/PEA project and synthesized in the PEA Handbook.

Learn more about “Advancing Sustainable Development in Practice” below!

What will you learn?

After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Examine and promote evidence-based approaches to poverty and environment issues.
  • Set up effective sustainable development dialogue process with key stakeholders.
  • Develop strategies for embedding poverty and environment issues into policy processes and plans.
  • Demonstrate the integration of poverty and environment issues into public and private finance, including fiscal policy.
  • Design an effective communication strategy supporting poverty and environment issues integration.
  • Formulate approaches for effective monitoring & evaluation of poverty and environment actions.
  • Discuss institutional change approaches to enabling integrated sustainable development.

Who is this course for?

The course is open to everyone, but the following groups may find it particularly useful:

  • Technical and policy planning staff at the national, regional, and local levels;
  • Development practitioners;
  • Change agents from civil society and the private sector, including youth;
  • Citizens interested in sustainable development in practice.

Will you get a certificate?

Once you complete all videos, lessons, and activities in each module, you will need to complete the final quiz at the end of the course before the certificate becomes automatically available for download.

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