This manual aims at improving national legal and regulatory regimes to support and facilitate the development and implementation of measures for adaptation to climate change. It builds on an in-depth study that was done on the legal, regulatory and institutional measures required for adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change in the Asia-Pacific region which pointed, inter alia, to the recognition by governments of the need for establishing policy, regulatory and legal frameworks as a necessary pre-requisite for successfully developing and implementing measures for adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change across various sectors of national activity. The project found that appropriate policy, legal and institutional underpinnings are essential pre-requisites for the development and implementation of adaptation measures. It also supports the sharing of experiences and lessons learned from this pilot project with other developing countries through the formulation of a set of draft legal provisions that could serve as a reference tool to policy makers and legal drafters of a larger number of countries, in their efforts to further strengthen existing legislation to support and facilitate adaptation.

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Organization: UNEP

Topics: Agriculture and Food, Trade, Transport, Health, Land Use Management, Forestry, Tourism, Water, Environment, Mining, Adaptation, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, International Law and Policy, Public Participation, Policy Instruments, Capacity Development, Financial Mechanisms

Type of material: Guidance Document

Publication date: 2011

Language: English