The Climate Quiz is the new UN CC:Learn tool that helps you assess your climate change knowledge.


Want to know whether you know enough about climate change to start stepping up your efforts? Read on to find out more!

How much do you know about climate change? The answer to this question underpins the actions individuals can take to face up to challenges posed by the climate crisis. Your climate change knowledge defines the extent to which you can, knowingly or not, act on this global problem. So, how can you find out this answer? It’s simple and we’ve got it ready for you: our new Climate Quiz which assesses your “climate IQ”.

The newly launched Climate Quiz is the new free tool made available by UN CC:Learn for everyone, from beginners to experts, to test their climate change knowledge. The concept behind the quiz is straightforward: to give you an overview of what you know about climate change and identify knowledge gaps. By filling these gaps with tailored learning, you’ll increase your knowledge about climate change and as a result, this will put you on the right track to consolidate your climate change expertise and scale up climate action.

Also, we know that there are many resources on climate change available out there but is not always easy to define how to start learning about this global threat. The quiz will provide you with a learning route with up-to-date and trustworthy resources to increase your confidence to advocate for climate change.

Upon completion of the 20-question questionnaire, you will get an immediate individualized score with a graphic showcasing your results as well as a list of recommendations on what to do next. The quiz can be taken by anyone of any age and background. Do you want to find out if you are a champion or an influencer? Take the quiz and find it out!

Take the Climate Quiz for free today in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese, and share it with your friends!