This toolkit provides school students with an illustrated encyclopedia about global climate change in an interesting, attractive and entertaining way. It also includes as recommendations to teachers on the use of its resources in the school curriculum.

The Climate Box consists of:

• An illustrated textbook for students with educational materials and a variety of questions and tasks for individuals and groups, as well as guidelines for teachers on the use of the toolkit during lessons for students in different age groups;
• The Climate Quiz – a set of game cards;
• A wall map illustrating the possible effects of climate change on nature and mankind in various parts of the world by the end of the 21st century;
• A poster with tips on how to reduce carbon footprint;
•A disk with all of the toolkit materials.

Through these materials, readers will learn how the Earth’s climate has changed from the earliest geological epochs, what climate changes are happening now, how these changes affect nature and humanity, whether we can adapt to the inevitable impacts, how to prevent the most dangerous consequences of global warming, and what is already being done in different regions of the world.

Download file: Textbook (EN), Poster (EN), Map (EN), Quiz Rules (EN), Quiz Cards (EN), Quiz Answers (EN), Textbook (RU), Poster (RU), Map (RU), Quiz Rules (RU), Quiz Cards (RU), Quiz Answers (RU)

Organization: UNDP, GEF, Government of the Russian Federation and Coca-Cola Company

Topics: Agriculture and Food, Education, Energy, Environment, Forestry, Industry, Green Jobs/Economy, Human Security

Type of material: Guidance Document

Publication date: 2018

Language: English, Russian