Burkina Faso is heavily dependent on smallholder agriculture and, over the last few decades, has been facing extreme weather events, such as droughts, flooding, heatwaves and intense winds, which threaten livelihoods and inclusive development. Since 2014, UN CC:Learn has been working with the government of Burkina Faso, as well as with many other stakeholders in the country, to bolster individual skills and institutional capacities to foster green and climate-resilient development.

Building a National Climate Change Learning Strategy

Burkina Faso has developed its National Climate Change Learning Strategy and Priority Action Plan through a process that engaged a wide range of stakeholders. In August 2017, the strategy was launched at a workshop in Ouagadougou that brought together more than 100 representatives from national authorities, the private sector, NGOs and development partners.

As a first step towards the development of the National Climate Change Learning Strategy, a background report was developed to begin to identify priorities and a vision for climate change learning in Burkina Faso. The report also outlines the country’s climate change commitments, existing initiatives and key players and institutions working on these issues.

The report is available in French and can be downloaded below:

Turning the Strategy into Actions

Some of the key activities aiming to put the strategy into practice include:

Climate Change Education

SP-CNDD delivered training for teaching supervisors in charge of curriculum development. This aimed to integrate climate change into school curricula, and was held with technical support from UNESCO and UN Environment in September 2016.

SP-CNDD, with support from UNICEF, developed a module on climate change adaptation and trained teachers on its use.

Two Youth Climate Dialogues were held in May 2017 and May 2018.

Training on Climate Change

SP-CNDD convened government officials and other key national stakeholders part of the delegation to the 22th Conference of Parties (COP 22) of the UNFCCC in October 2016. A restitution workshop to share the main outcomes of COP 22, such as the newly adopted Paris Agreement and the NDCs, with local development actors followed-up in early 2017. In November 2018, the training on climate change negotiations, organized in preparation for past COPs, was replicated, increasing the capacity of 20 members of the government and civil society in advance of COP24.

Training journalists and communicators was identified as one of the top priorities. Representatives from communications teams in ministerial departments, the press and press associations were trained on climate change issues in June 2017.

With support from UN CC:Learn and the NDC Partnership, Burkina Faso is currently organizing a series of national and regional trainings for government officials on the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Public Awareness 

In the area of public awareness, Burkina Faso is in the process of designing a broad communication effort to disseminate its NDC to the public.


Burkina Faso has been regularly sharing experiences with other partner countries as part of the UN CC:Learn regional hub in West Africa. For further information, please check the West African Hub page.

Our National Partners

Our work in Burkina Faso is implemented under the leadership of the Permanent Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development (Secrétariat permanent du Conseil national pour le développement durable (SP-CNDD)).

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