This manual elucidates the ways in which population dynamics (growth, composition and distribution) interact with climate change and impact the well-being of people and the planet. The information is presented across a series of training modules and guidelines for trainers. The manual includes four parts on: 1) climate change and development connections, 2) how population dynamics relate to overall development efforts, 3) population and climate change, 4) how the interactions of population dynamics and climate change can be better integrated in international and national policy dialogues. The target audiences are policymakers, practitioners and advocates who are seeking a practical, hands-on understanding of the ways that population and climate change interact so that they can apply that understanding to their work in meaningful ways.

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Organization: UNFPA, Population Action International

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Adaptation, Mitigation, Population Dynamics, Policy Instruments, Capacity Development

Type of material: Guidance Document

Publication date: 2011

Language: English