This activity report examines progress on securing human dignity and well-being in the Arab countries and what is needed to achieve sustainable development in this region in turmoil. It also looks at the complex factors shaping the region: the occupation of Palestinian and other Arab lands; ongoing conflicts; governance, human rights and institutional deficits; and shortcomings in terms of financing, science and technology, trade and statistical capacity.

The report stresses that urgent action is needed at the national and regional levels, and that integrated, long-term and evidence-based planning and investments that address the root causes of instability in the region are indispensable for achieving the SDGs.

Download file: English, Arabic

Organization: UNESCWA, UNEP

Theme: Other

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Land Use Management, Security and Defence, Gender, Human Security, Technology, COP22 List of UN Publications, Governance – General

Type of material: Activity Report

Publication date: 2016

Language: English, Arabic