Innovation and climate change action walk hand in hand!


In July 2022, UN CC:Learn took part in the Global Challenge Lab, a 10-day entrepreneurship programme focused on reaching SDG 13 by Imperial College London, Tsinghua University, and the Technical University of Munich.


Read on to find out more about UN CC:Learn’s presentation on climate action!

Fixing the climate crisis requires innovative solutions, some of which have not even been thought of yet. Fomenting innovation and entrepreneurship are key to effectively responding to climate change and meeting emission reduction targets. Against this background, UN CC:Learn was invited to deliver a keynote intervention on climate action at the Global Challenge Lab, a 10-day entrepreneurship programme co-organized by Imperial College London, Tsinghua University’s x-lab in Beijing and the Technical University of Munich.

The Global Challenge Lab is part of the Imperial Enterprise Lab, which brings together hundreds of students and alumni to grow their international network, gain new skills and create new products or services to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing this year on UN SDG 13: Climate Action. The Lab promotes innovation by encouraging discussions, supporting the development of innovative projects, and granting a £10,000.00 prize to participants who pitch the best idea. From 1 to 15 July 2022, attendees had the opportunity to join panel discussions with industry leaders and other guest speakers and take part in expert training on cross-cultural collaboration, design thinking, prototyping and more.

In this space, UN CC:Learn’s intervention highlighted the importance of taking climate action at all levels, providing an overview ranging from international efforts, national policy and urban planning, to business and institutions and individual action.  In doing so, it showcased a wide array of examples.

In addition, participants were introduced to key topics, like climate change mitigation and adaptation, and learned about relevant UN CC:Learn resources such as the e-learning platform, and important initiatives being carried out by the United Nations, like UNDP’s Climate Promise.

Watch the presentation!