UN CC:Learn delivered several Climate Classrooms to delegates and attendees at COP25 in Madrid.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Climate Classroom provided an opportunity to COP participants to get up to speed on key climate change topics through 45-minute learning sessions.

The classes provide highlights in key climate change areas for busy delegates to be better prepared when joining discussions and events at COP25 of the UNFCCC, held in Madrid, Spain in December 2019, and beyond.

On this occasion, classes popped-up in various locations across COP25 to reach out to a varied audience. The space was visible to a broad public, using a completely mobile set-up, including noise-canceling headsets that make exchanges possible in a busy conference environment.

The classes were delivered by experts from multiple organizations committed to sustainable development. This year’s programme included a focus on: 

Over 50 decision-makers, government officials, practitioners, academics, and students from around the world were part of the public.

The Climate Classroom @ COP25 is an initiative of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and the One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn), in collaboration with UN Partners.