Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

Climate Classroom @ COP25 - Teaching Climate Change


The session focuses on sharing the success story of GEMS Kindergarten Starters in Dubai in embedding climate literacy in lessons throughout the school using the eduCCate Global and UNCC course content.  Educators can learn how schools can transform learning through transformative teaching where teachers and learners work together to explore and better the world from the ground up.  It focuses on pedagogy that actively engages students through the use of meaningful assignments which allows students to develop metacognition to cultivate a set of lifelong skills through active and attuned interaction. This session will also share lesson plans and ideas that are transformational in embedding climate literacy in lessons.


Asha Alexander is the Principal at GEMS The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai. She received her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from The Walden University, Minnesota in 2011. She holds Masters’ degrees in Education as well as English from Bangalore University, India. With 33 years of experience in the provision of education to K-12 students, she has overseen the school’s transition to an exclusively digital curriculum.

Passionate, driven to achieve aspirational goals and ready to take on any challenge, she believes in nurturing students’ hearts and minds and is particular about a value-based education. Forward-thinking, she is a believer in all things digital. She is excited by the prospect of watching every child achieve his or her potential.

Ms. Alexander is a UN certified Climate Change Leader in the UAE and has made presentations at numerous conferences and has conducted workshops on leadership, and change management for several schools in India and the UAE.

Save the Date!

Our Climate Classroom will take place on Tuesday 12 December at 1pm, Co-Creative Reflection and Dialogue Space, Hall 6