Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

Climate Classroom

Check out our calendar or events to see if a climate classroom will be popping up at your next conference.

Keeping abreast of the newest developments in climate change is essential to make timely, effective and sustainable decisions. Yet, adequate time and space for learning are rarely accessible for busy delegates, decision-makers and full-time working professional. This is why we have developed the Climate Classroom - a mobile learning space that ‘pops up’ at the center of major climate change conferences and related events. The Climate Classroom offers focused 45-min learning sessions on highly relevant climate change topics delivered by select experts in English and French. 

During each session, the lecturer and the 20 participants will be equipped with professional head-sets through which they will be able to follow the lecture and engage in discussion.

A booklet is available to all participants at the beginning of each session, including a summary of the content and links to additional information. Participants completing the sessions will receive a UN CC:Learn pin and become part of the Alumni community.

NAP Expo 2018

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, at NAP Expo 2018: 

Skills “POKER” for Advancing NAPs

Keeping the Taps Running in a Changing Climate






Bonn, Germany, at COP23: 

Paris Agreement

Climate Finance

Climate Change and Jobs

Climate Services for Decision-Making 

Circular Economy


Climate Change and Health

Climate Empowerment



Marrakesh, Morocco, at COP22:

Paris Agreement 

Climate Action 

Climate Finance 

Circular Economy

Climate Empowerment