Malawi faces high climate variability and an increasing number of extreme weather events. Since 2012, UN CC:Learn has been working with the government of Malawi and other stakeholders in the country to design and implement a strategic and results-oriented approach to climate change learning.

Building and Implementing a National Climate Change Learning Strategy

Together with the government of Malawi and key stakeholders, UN CC:Learn facilitated the development the country’s first national climate learning strategy, which was launched in 2013.

Malawi will become a knowledge-driven climate change resilient population by 2030, pursuing a low carbon emission development path – Strategy vision

The strategy sets out the following objectives:

  • Developing a critical mass of human resources with the requisite understanding, knowledge and skills to respond to the impacts of climate change,
  • Strengthening the national institutions and systems that will spearhead climate change training initiatives, and
  • Developing a sustainable financing mechanism for climate change learning programmes.

Priority actions include climate change training for frontline forestry personnel and health surveillance assistants, and the promotion of climate change education across society.

Responsibility for implementing the strategy rests with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management through its National Climate Change Programme Office, in collaboration with line ministries, national training and learning institutions and other stakeholders.

The strategy is available in English and can be downloaded below:

Our National Partners

Our work in Malawi is implemented through the country’s National Climate Change Programme, including the National Climate Change Steering Committee, the National Climate Change Technical Committee and the Government/Development Partners Working Group.

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment is coordinating the UN CC:Learn Project in Malawi in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.


Ms. Jane Swira
Manager, National Climate Change Programme

Ms. Shamiso Najira
Chief Environmental Officer & Focal Point for CDM
Environmental Affairs Department

UN Country Team Liaison

Ms. Sarah McIvor
Programme Analyst
UN Development Programme (UNDP) Malawi

Project News and Activities

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09 October 2013 | Muzuzu, Malawi

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18 September 2013 | Lilongwe, Malawi,

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26 July 2013 | Liwonde, Malawi

Malawi Develops Learning Strategy as Part of Comprehensive National Climate Change Response Framework
19 March 2013 | Lilongwe, Malawi

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12 March 2012 | Salima, Malawi

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17 November 2011 | Lilongwe, Malawi,

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14 October 2011 | Geneva, Switzerland