Malawi faces high climate variability and an increasing number of extreme weather events. Since 2012, UN CC:Learn has been working with the government of Malawi and other stakeholders in the country to design and implement a strategic and results-oriented approach to climate change learning.

Building a National Climate Change Learning Strategy

Together with the government of Malawi and key stakeholders, UN CC:Learn facilitated the development the country’s first national climate learning strategy, which was launched in 2013.

Malawi will become a knowledge-driven climate change resilient population by 2030, pursuing a low carbon emission development path – Strategy vision

In 2021, the strategy was updated following a multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral approach. A background report, which laid out the groundwork for the development of the reviewed strategy, can be found below:

The updated strategy sets out the following objectives:

  • Developing a critical mass of human resources with the requisite understanding, knowledge and skills to respond to the impacts of climate change,
  • Strengthening the national institutions and systems that will spearhead climate change training initiatives, and
  • Developing a sustainable financing mechanism for climate change learning programmes.

The strategy is available in English and can be downloaded below:

Turning the Strategy into Actions

Strengthening the National Youth Network on Climate Change

The National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC), founded in 2011, has been working with the Government of Malawi to promote youth participation in the climate change management agenda of the country.

Establishing Malawi Higher Education Institutions Network on Climate Change Learning

The Malawi Higher Education Institutions Network on Climate Change Learning (MHEINCCL) has been established building on the need for enhanced coordination and collaboration among the higher learning institutions that are providing lessons on climate change management. 

The main objective of the MHEINCCL is to champion climate change learning in and among higher education institutions (HEIs) in Malawi and beyond.

Climate Change Education

The Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management produced a poster centered on the message “Climate Change is Real: Act Now!” 15,000 copies were distributed to the more than 5,000 schools in the country, reaching out to 3,000,000 children.

A Climate Change Sourcebook for Primary School Teachers was launched in 2014. In 2015, 400 primary education advisors throughout the country and over 12,500 primary school teachers were familiarized on the primary school sourcebook on climate change.

A poster and a sourcebook on climate change for secondary schools were also developed and launched during the first National Climate Change Week held in October 2015.

Multiple Youth Climate Dialogues were also held in Malawi.

Training for Forestry Assistants

The Government of Malawi trained over 250 forestry assistants across the country on climate change, in an effort to enhance knowledge and skills in climate change management among key personnel in sectors that are threatened by climate change. The training was conducted in 2015 by different ministries, with support from UN CC:Learn.

Training for Health Professionals

In December 2013, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development organized training workshops for 200 health surveillance assistants (HSA) in all three regions of Malawi. The overall objective was to build the capacity of the HAS, frontline staff working directly the communities.

Our National Partners

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change coordinates the UN CC:Learn support in Malawi.

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