This Action Plan is part of the WBG 2025 Climate Change Targets that expand the commitments made under the WBG 2016 Climate Change Action Plan and increase the emphasis on adaptation and resilience. Special attention will be given to vulnerable populations, including the poor, those affected by fragility, conflict, and violence, and small island states. At the same time, to reduce the negative impacts of climate change worldwide, the WBG will also encourage countries to deliver on their commitments to reduce emissions.

The Action Plan is structured around three objectives:

-Boost adaptation financing: expanding access to and the effectiveness of additional climate adaptation finance;
-Drive a mainstreamed, whole-of-government programmatic approach: mainstreaming systematic climate risk management at the country and sector levels;
-Develop a new rating system: better tracking and incentivizing global progress on adaptation and resilience.

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Organization: World Bank

Topics: Environment, Finance, Adaptation, Economic Analysis, Mitigation, Population Dynamics

Type of material: Policy Document

Publication date: 2019

Language: English