This activity report shows a part of United Nations Development Programme’s support to the Government of Tunisia in the development of a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) for the Tunisian Solar Plan (TSP). The NAMA TSP Project will be implemented between 2015-2019. The Tunisian Solar Plan, originally formulated in 2012 and revised in 2015, is Tunisia’s official long-term plan for attracting renewable energy investment in the electricity sector. The TSP seeks to achieve a renewable energy penetration target of 30% of the electricity generation mix by 2030. 

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Organization: UNDP, GEF, National Agency for Energy Conservation, Ministère de l&#039, Industrie, de l&#039, Energie et des Mines

Topics: Finance, Energy, Adaptation, Technology, Governance – General, Capacity Development

Type of material: Activity Report

Publication date: 2014

Language: English