This policy documents serves as a guiding instrument to scale-up the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)’s support for actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change within Latin-America and the Caribbean (LAC). Leveraging the IDB’s institutional strengths and its competitive advantages, the strategy promotes the development and use of a range of public and private sector financial and non-financial instruments for strengthening LAC’s institutional, technical, and financial capacity to address climate change. It seeks to provide guidance for the Bank’s dialogue with governments, civil society, and the private sector concerning regional and national climate policy agendas. It also integrates public and private financing and capacity building into a single framework for climate action, and orients the Bank’s efforts to strengthen and consolidate its own capacities, readiness and comparative advantages. Finally, it provides a mechanism to mainstream climate change sustainability objectives into the Bank’s operations.

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Organization: IDB

Topics: Agriculture and Food, Finance, Land Use Management, Energy, Water, Adaptation, Mitigation, Policy Instruments, Capacity Development

Type of material: Policy Document

Publication date: 2010

Language: English