This policy document outlines the basic approach of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on financing the construction of landfills and biogas plants. This document is divided into five sections, namely: (i) a description of landfills in Latin America and the Caribbean and environmental aspects related to its construction and operation, (ii) a description of the generation of biogas from landfills (iii) a summary of existing technologies for the construction of biogas plants and their economic implications, (iv) a review of the practices of other multilateral development banks and countries regarding financing of landfills and biogas plants, and (v) the proposed approach IDB to finance biogas plants.

Download file: SPN

Organization: IDB

Topics: Environment, Mitigation, Green Jobs/Economy, Technology, Chemicals and Waste, Policy Instruments, Financial Mechanisms

Type of material: Policy Document

Publication date: 2010

Language: Spanish