UN CC:Learn has launched two different series of alumni engagement events.


Read on to learn more about them and to see which one interests you the most!

UN CC:Learn’s alumni network has grown considerably in the past years, reaching over 600,000 people with more 215,000 certificates issued from UN CC:e-Learn by September 2022. These learners from all over the world come to the e-learning platform to learn more about climate change and green economy and to get empowered to take climate change action and be drivers of change in their communities, work, or households.

But what happens when they finish a course?

To answer this question, UN CC:Learn has recently launched the Fireside Chats and the Masterclasses – two new series of online alumni engagement events – which aim to strengthen their learning while providing a platform for them to meet and interact with course experts, thought leaders and other alumni. Each series targets different audiences and has their own visual identity. However, to attend any of them you must have successfully completed one of the more than 40 e-courses on the e-learning platform.

The Fireside Chats are short and informal exchanges with engaging thought leaders and experts followed by Q&A with the alumni. This series provides direct access to the personal/professional insights of UN and other thought leaders/experts on key climate change topics. To date, UN CC:Learn has held two editions:

  • Fireside Chat on Why We Need to Talk about Gender in a Changing Climate, open to everyone who completed one of the gender-related e-courses.
  • Fireside Chat on the International Day of Awareness of Food Waste and Loss, open to everyone who completed one of the food-related e-courses, namely the Food Waste Prevention and the Sustainable Diet e-courses.

The Masterclasses are interactive workshops that aim to enhance participants’ skills so they can put into practice the knowledge acquired through the courses with guidance from high-level instructors and through learning by doing. They feature keynote speeches, experience sharing, peer learning and joint problem solving. To date, one Masterclass was held on the topic of Becoming a Climate Champion, which featured Amy Meek, who participated in last year’s TEDx The Tide Is Rising, and four 2020 UN CC:Learn Champions: Asha Alexander, Camile Clarke, Hassan Yasin and Supun Lahiru.

UN CC:Learn will periodically organize both types of events so stay tuned not to miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your learning and meet other alumni.