In 2020, UN CC:Learn issued its 100,000th certificate of course completion – a remarkable milestone in our mission to improve climate literacy around the world.

To celebrate that accomplishment, we launched the UN CC:Learn 100k Challenge: asking our alumni to share their own stories for climate action, having been inspired by one of our courses.

Over the following weeks we received hundreds of stories from 87 countries. So for that, we wanted to say… thank you. Your stories inspired us, and now they will inspire others.

As promised, we have selected the best 10. The authors of these have each received an award certifying them as a 2020 UN CC:Learn Champion.

Find out who these champions are, and read their inspiring stories below. We will be releasing one new story each week – stay tuned!

Moussé Sane


Asha Alexander

United Arab Emirates

Jean Baptiste Katako Kayambi

Democratic Republic of Congo