UN CC:Learn’s alumni engagement events are geared towards complementing the learning of its growing alumni network by providing them with the right skills, understanding, awareness and motivation to be drivers of change within their specific contexts. Currently, UN CC:Learn is running two distinct event series: Fireside Chats and Masterclasses, exclusive to those that have completed an online course on our UN CC:e-Learn platform.

Fireside Chat

Many UN CC:Learn alumni have enrolled onto a UN CC:Learn course for professional development reasons. Our Fireside Chats provide exclusive, direct access to the personal/professional insights of UN and other thought leaders/experts on climate change topics. They consist of short (45-60 minutes), informal interviews with engaging specialists followed by an interactive Q&A with participants able to submit questions to the experts in advance.

Previous editions:

  1. Why we need to talk about gender in a changing climate (August 2022)
  2. International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (September 2022)
  3. Fireside Chat on Climate Change and Human Rights (March 2023)
  4. Fireside Chat on Climate Change Data (June 2023)
  5. Fireside Chat on How to Prevent E-Waste (September 2023)
  6. Fireside Chat on Climate Change Adaptation (January 2024)
  7. Fireside Chat on Circular Economy (March 2024)


UN CC:Learn alumni have demonstrated that they have the understanding, awareness and motivation to take action. Our Masterclasses help alumni train and engage them on how to use this knowledge to mobilize effective individual climate action with guidance from high-level instructors and through learning by doing, featuring keynote speeches, experience sharing/peer learning, joint problem solving and practical applications.

Previous editions:

  1. Masterclass: Becoming a Climate Champion (September 2022)