Climate change is a major concern for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In fact, almost 80% of SMEs currently expect the risks associated with climate change to have a significant impact on their business. But what can they do about this? What measures can SMEs put in place to better adapt to climate change and thrive in a changing environment? As a business-owner, knowing when and how climate change will affect your business is essential to identify climate-smart solutions that will lower the chances that climate change will negatively affect your enterprise. Becoming climate-smart will also provide your business with a number of benefits. In this e-course, we will introduce participants to the different steps of developing a climate adaptation strategy for their business.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

– Provide logical and succinct arguments for the importance of taking actions to deal with climate change,

– Assess the various aspects of climate change at the enterprise level and identify measures and risks impacting on their enterprise,

– Prioritize what measures should be implemented in preparation for putting together a climate change strategy

You can directly access the e-course on the SME Trade Academy platform following this link.

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Organization: International Trade Center

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Topics: Education, Environment, Industry, Adaptation, COP25 List of UN Publications

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Publication date: 2019

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