More than 75,000 students from worldwide have enrolled in the e-course Climate Change: From Learning to Action. Now, this course has been translated into a fifth language, Chinese, and was launched in celebration of the UN Chinese Language Day. Check out what will you learn in this course.

It gives us a comprehensive insight into the overall process of climate change and how we can collectively make a difference. – learner’s testimonial

More than 20,000 students worldwide have already completed our Climate Change: From Learning to Action e-course. This e-course aims to demystify key concepts about climate change such as mitigation, adaptation, and low-carbon emissions, as well as address the social, economic, and financial aspects that are essential for implementing climate change projects. In addition to the theoretical part, the e-course also encourages its students to share their perceptions of climate change in their countries and develop a concrete action plan or project to tackle climate change. The estimated 8-hour e-course is divided into six modules and includes interactive lessons, interviews with experts in the field, extra activities, and formative exercises. At the end of the course, the student must complete the final test to receive the certificate of completion.

The interviews with each facilitator were most insightful to me. Their personal stories added a realistic touch to the whole concept of Climate Change. They are inspiring and made it clearer to me that you can come from any professional path and still be a climate champion. – learner’s testimonial

The e-course is free of charge and is available in five languages, the most recent being Chinese. It was launched in celebration of the official Chinese language day celebrated by the United Nations on Saturday, April 20, 2024. The e-course in Chinese is made available through collaboration with Tongji University and the Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD). Our sincere thanks for this partnership, without which the Chinese course would not have been possible.

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“I have been impressed by the information and specific and/or real data presented in this course. I have been able to understand how some countries effectively adapt to the phenomena of climate change, social activism, business commitment, and other aspects. I have been impressed by the quality of professionalism and climate commitment of each instructor.” – learner’s testimonial