The report quantifies the impact of climatic variability on health in Bangladesh. It uses a combined data set that integrates geographically-referenced national health surveys with local weather stations located across the entire country over a 30-year period. The uniquely rich data source – combining health, a wide range of socio-environmental information with local climate conditions- as well as its large spatial and temporal scale, make it possible to address limitations in current research in the area of health and climate linkages. The findings are broadly in line with evidence from epidemiological studies that focus on the effect of climate conditions on both the transmission cycle and the incidence of disease. They confirm that the incidence of illnesses is strongly associated with sharp changes in temperature and precipitation between seasons. The study also looks at the institutional readiness and geographical targeting of health and other developmental institutional interventions to deal with climate induced health risks.

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Organization: WB

Theme: Health

Topics: Health, Adaptation

Type of material: Analytical-Technical Document

Publication date: 2015

Language: English