Dinh-Long Pham is raising awareness of climate change and showcasing climate action efforts through  “Life Line”: a youth-focused podcast series. Read on his full story below!

Climate change is a complex issue, but one thing is certain: youth will have an important role to play in addressing it. Dinh-Long Pham, a podcast host from France, is giving a platform for youth to showcase their climate efforts and voice their concerns about the climate crisis. Dinh-Long is the founder of the Life Line podcast, which features young changemakers from different walks of life who work hard to make the world a better place. His podcast aims to amplify the voices of the youth and inspire as many people as possible to take action, including on climate change.  He started interviewing people on climate change action after coming across UN CC:e-Learn. The courses there increased his understanding about the topic and sparked an interest in bringing it to the fore of his discussions.

On the topic of climate change specifically, Dinh-Long has interviewed several young climate activists and entrepreneurs over the past few years, giving them a platform to speak out and showcase their work. During the hour-long conversations, he strives to help the audience get climate action insights that are applicable to their own contexts while highlighting the linkages between climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s a few examples:

  • Shaan Suhas Kumar, India, Miss Earth India 2017, running grassroots awareness campaigns.
  • Ra’eed Ali, Fiji, launched Precious Plastic Fiji upcycling plastic waste into furniture and also advocating for climate justice as a Pacific Islander.
  • Heeta Lakhani, India, former YOUNGO Global South Focal Point who is raising the voice of youth in official spaces.
  • Jan Kairel Guillermo, Philippines, survivor of Typhoon Haiyan who uses arts to raise awareness about climate.
  • Xuan Mai Hoang, Viet Nam, a young climate activist who started at 13 years old, sharing her journey at COP24.
  • Pamela Mejia, Philippines, launched her social enterprise PHINIX, a pioneer sustainable fashion brand in Philippines, upcycling fabric scraps.
  • Mahenaz Chowdhury, Bangladesh, launched her social enterprise Broqué, a leading sustainable fashion brand in Bangladesh that builds the slow fashion movement.
  • Monorom Tchaw, Cambodia, launched her social enterprise Compost City which provides fun, hands-on, interactive environmental education through composting.
Dihn-Long interviewing a guest for the LifeLine Podcast. (Personal archive)

Dinh-Long interviewing a guest for the Life Line Podcast. (Personal archive)

Moving forward, Dinh-Long is planning to start a podcast series fully focused on climate change which breaks down key topics for the audience.

“The UN CC:Learn courses also helped me in shaping this narrative, by highlighting the link of climate change with all SDGs, and the link of all SDGs with climate change.” – Dinh-Long Pham, 2022 UN CC:Learn Champion


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