In July 2022, UN CC:Learn held two editions of the Climate Classroom at the NDC Partnership Youth Engagement Forum.


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The NDC Partnership held its second Youth Engagement Forum over the course of three sessions in July 2022. The forum brought together 360 participants from 78 countries and key stakeholders to discuss around the issue of inclusive climate finance and youth engagement. Noting the critical but often overlooked issue of engaging youth actively on climate finance to ensure climate funds are channeled effectively and appropriately, the forum enabled youth to examine and share their experiences on the climate finance landscape.

As a partner of the NDC Partnership, UN CC:Learn participated in the Forums Teach-in Sessions for the Africa/Europe and Latin America and Caribbean regions through the Climate Classroom. The Climate Classroom offers an ‘espresso shot’ of knowledge on a variety of climate change issues. For this Forum, the Climate Classroom focused on the resources on the UN CC:Learn e-learning platform relating to climate finance, green economy and gender and inclusion. These resources include a range of e-courses, a library of knowledge products, links to partner learning platforms, and a series of podcasts on the green economy.

Participants were able to learn more on UN CC:Learn’s initiatives including the Youth Climate Dialogues, Youth Surveys, TEDx Events, Climate Change IQ Quiz and upcoming Climate Classrooms at COP 27. The inspiring stories from UN CC:Learn Champions offered participants a glimpse into the potential transformative action that could be spurred through the UN CC:Learn experience.

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