This activity report reflects the outcome of the discussions that took place at the UNCTAD ad Hoc Expert Meeting held in the lead up to the Third International Conference on SIDS (Samoa Conference 2014). The Ad Hoc Expert Meeting provided a platform for expert discussions on transport-related challenges facing SIDS and on how best to address these challenges, in the run-up to the Samoa SIDS Conference. Relevant issues considered include, inter alia, the  transport and trade logistics challenges in SIDS: current state of play; sectoral interlinkages between transport and trade as well as other key economic sectors of relevance to SIDS, in particular, tourism and fisheries; climate change impacts on transport infrastructure in SIDS and adaptation needs: financing as a cross-cutting enabling factor; priority action areas and effective response measures; and, the role of partnerships, relevant partners and collaboration mechanisms.

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Organization: UNCTAD

Theme: Adaptation

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Energy, Transport, Adaptation, Mitigation, Risk Reduction/Management, COP22 List of UN Publications, COP23 List of UN Publications

Type of material: Activity Report

Publication date: 2014

Language: English