UN CC:Learn lecionó una clase sobre el clima a los empleados de Nestlé en Alemania.

On 5-6 June 2019, UN CC:Learn participated in Nestle’s annual awareness-raising event with a focus on Safety, Health, Environment & Food Safety. The so-called SHE & Quality Days took place at Nestle’s R&D center in Singen, Germany. The Product Technology Center is responsible for developing new products in the field of “food”, such as soups, sauces, pizza, seasoning, bouillons, for countries all around the world.

UN CC:Learn hosted a booth and delivered its flagship Climate Classroom – an ‘espresso shot’ of climate learning, to Nestle’s employees.

Over 200 employees of the multinational food and drink company were invited to visit UN CC:Learn’s booth, learn about the partnership’s learning resources and get a preview of the most recent course on the UN CC:e-Learn platform“Sustainable Diet”, developed in collaboration with another food and drink company, Danone. Other courses that gathered attention were “Introduction to Sustainable Finance” and the introductory course “Climate Change: From Learning to Action”, which is scheduled for launch later this year.

Nestle’s employees, including food technicians, product managers, and innovators, also had the chance to join two Climate Classroom sessions delivered by UNITAR trainers bringing them up-to-speed on the latest on “Climate Change, Paris Agreement, Innovation for Climate Solutions”.

These classes covered the most essential and relevant facts on the topic. For example, we spoke about what we know about how our climate’s key indicators, like temperature and sea-level, have changed, what the Paris Agreement is and why it is considered such a significant milestone for multilateral diplomacy on climate change. The classes ended on a positive note discussing creative climate action opportunities that all stakeholders can engage with and inspiring innovations at the workplace.

The discussions at the booth and the classrooms engaged participants with climate change around issues that are relevant for their workplace as well as private lives. Many expressed interest in the youth movement “Fridays for Future” which brought more visibility to the topic in Singen and shared examples of climate and sustainability actions already common place at the workplace.

Ultimately, UN CC:Learn shared knowledge on climate change-related issues and solutions. It also raised awareness about its free and open learning resources on climate change and green economy, where Nestle’s employees, partners, and family, can learn more, as well as its support to countries around the world. We are grateful for the invitation and opportunity to spread the message.

The Climate Classroom is an initiative of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and the One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn), in collaboration with UN Partners.