Youth Engagement Forum Flyer with Title and Illustrated People

In July 2023, UN CC:Learn invited two of its Champions to tell their stories and speak about the role of youth in climate action in teach-in sessions at the NDC Partnership Youth Engagement Forum.


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In July 2023, UN CC:Learn was invited by the NDC Partnership to organize two teach-in sessions at the NDC Partnership Youth Engagement Forum (YEF). The YEF is used to inform the NDC Partnership’s Youth Engagement Plan and this year’s theme was “Shaping our Future”, which aimed to empower young people to engage in long-term climate action by building their capacity and by promoting dialogue on youth-focused NDC planning and finance needs.

This was the second consecutive year that UN CC:Learn took part in the event and, this time, the programme delivered two one-hour Fireside Chats in Spanish and French. 

The sessions featured UN CC:Learn Champions and focused on the role of youth in contributing to broader societal changes. They provided participants with the opportunity to learn from and exchange with other young change makers who have been awarded the title of UN CC:Learn Champions for their outstanding work in the field of climate change awareness and action.

The Fireside Chat in French featured Ms. Axelle Vera, 2022 UN CC:Learn Champion from Cameroon, who spoke about how the completion of a UN CC:Learn course helped her secure a spot in the US-funded Central African Women Initiative in Climate Action (WICA), and how this led her to become an Assistant Carbon Project Manager in her country. 

The Fireside Chat in Spanish featured Ms. Karel Miranda, 2020 UN CC:Learn Champion from Panamá, who spoke about how the “Introductory e-Course on Climate Change” inspired her to get into youth activism and how the organization she founded as result – Young People Facing Climate Change Organization – supported Panamá’s Ministry of Environment to craft the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Both Ms. Miranda and Ms. Vera answered questions about their work, professional backgrounds and about the role of youth and climate action. In the second part of each session, participants were invited to ask questions directly to the speakers.

Moving forward, UN CC:Learn will keep engaging with partners, such as the NDC Partnership, to promote dialogue and youth engagement as solutions to the climate crisis.