The 1st edition of the Environmental Leadership Programme on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure course will be held online from 30 November to 08 December 2021.

Below you can access all the relevant materials.

Training Agenda

Day 1 – 30 November 2021

Session 1(a) Group Project Instructions

Session 1(b) UNEP Rowan – Setting the Scene

Session 1(b) UNEP_Integrated Approaches in Action

Session 1(b) UNEP_International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure

Session 2 UNOPS_PPT_Infrastructure for Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Development

Session 2 UNOPS_Systems level infrastructure planning

Session 2_UNOPS_CAT I_Capacity Assessment Tool for Infrastructure

Session 2_UNOPS_Infrastructure for climate action_EN

Session 2_UNOPS_Infrastructure underpining sustainable development_EN

Session 2_UNOPS_NISMOD_National Infrastructure Systems Model

Session 2_UNOPS_SIFT_Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Tool

Day 2 – 01 December 2021

Session 3(a) IDBZ Rashidi – Financing Sustainable Infrastructure

Session 3(a) IDBZ Chrispen – Integrating Environmental and Social Safeguards – Sharing IDBZ’s Experiences

Session 3(b) WB- GWP CMP Toolkit Presentation

Session 3(b) WB – Green Bonds for Infrastructure – Rwanda

Session 3(b) WB-Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure by John Kalisa

Session 3(b) WB- The Global Sustainable Infrastructure Challenge

Session 3(b) WB_Regional Infrastructure Finance Facility (RIFF) Project

Session 3(b) WB_Enhancing the Climate Resilience of Africa’s Infrastructure_The Roads and Bridges Sector

Session 3(b) WB_Enhancing the Climate Resilience of Africa’s Infrastructure_The Power and Water Sectors

Day 3 – 02 December 2021

Session 4 UN Habitat_Resilient and sustainable social housing

Day 4 – 03 December 2021

Session 5 IISD_Nature-based infrastructure solutions_Introduction to Sustainable Asset Valuation for NbI

Session 6 WWF_Landscape-scale infrastructure planning_Integrating Biodiversity considerations in landscape-scale infrastructure planning

Session 6_pre-reading_Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Review Guide for Communities

Day 5 – 06 December 2021

Session 7(a) UNEP_Creating an enabling environment for green digital technology

Session 7(a) UNEP_Inclusive digital green economy_further reading

Session 7(b) UNEP_Digitalization of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure_PPT_Carly

Session 7(b)_Digitalization of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure_Africa Urban Mobility  Observatory_GoAscendal

Session 7(b)_Digitalization of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure_Electric mobility transition in Rwanda

Session 7(b)_Digitalization of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure_Mapping walkability in Africa cities

Day 6 – 07 December 2021

Session 8 WMO_Access to and interpretation of climate data for enhanced forecasting and early
warning systems

Day 7 – 08 December 2021

Group work presentations