Country Projects to Strengthen Human Resources and Skills to Address Climate Change

In order to support countries in taking a strategic and results-oriented approach to climate change learning, UN CC:Learn is supporting national Projects to Strengthen Human Resources and Skills to Address Climate Change. Through the development of a National Climate Change Learning Strategy partner countries set strategic priorities areas and identify concrete actions to strengthen learning and skills development for climate change. With support provided by the Swiss Development Cooperation, five pilot projects in Benin, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malawi and Uganda have been implemented in 2011-2013. New country partners in 2014-2017 include Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.

The pilot projects make a contribution to the implementation of Article 6 of the UNFCCC and the Doha Work Programme. They also apply the core principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness which emphasize local ownership, empowerment of national institutions and alignment of donor support.

The experience of the five pilot countries has been captured in a Guidance Note for Developing a National Climate Change Learning Strategy.

A map with "good learning practices" that have been implemented in the five pilot countries can be found here:

Governments that are interested in exploring opportunities to implement a national UN CC:Learn project are welcome to contact the UN CC:Learn Secretariat (

Further information about the pilot projects is available in the following sections: