The Dominican Republic is the tenth most vulnerable country to the impacts of climate change, particularly extreme weather events, such as floods. Since 2011, UN CC:Learn has been working with the government of the Dominican Republic and other national actors to create and implement a national strategy for climate change learning. The strategy aims to strengthen teachers’ individual skills and the capacity of educational institutions to foster green, low emission, climate-resilient development.


Building a National Climate Change Learning Strategy

Launched in 2012, the Dominican Republic’s national climate change learning strategy sets out a national framework for coordinated and enhanced action to strengthen the learning the country needs for a greener future. The strategy is directly linked to the National Development Strategy (2030) of the Dominican Republic and other policy instruments that promote a new model of low emission and climate-resilient development.

By 2030, the Dominican society has an education system and implements public policies that generate institutional capacities and human resources to address the challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation.” – Strategy vision

The strategy is being rolled out by a national implementation platform, which supports resource mobilization, coordinates the implementation of priority actions, and fosters the sharing of information and learning materials among key partners. The strategy is available in Spanish and can be downloaded below.

Turning the Strategy into Action

Promoting Climate Change Education

The National Teacher Training Institute (INAFOCAM), the National Council on Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMDL) and the Sur Futuro Foundation developed a training programme to help teachers across the country improve their climate change teaching. The training course was developed in partnership with UNESCO and UN CC:Learn. The programme received 1 million USD from the national budget towards its implementation. By 2017, more than 3,200 teachers completed the training.

The CNCCMDL also collaborated with the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo’s Network of Universities for the Environment (RAUDO in Spanish) to create a climate change education programme aimed at the tertiary level. More than 300 university professors from eight universities were trained during 2016. The Minister of Environment joined as an honorary teacher in the curriculum’s closing class.

Other activities and learning and promotional materials include:

  • Training sessions for journalists
  • A workshop on climate finance
  • A certified course in public policy and climate change
  • A workshop and a course on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculation methodologies
  • Training on ecological footprint, solid waste management, energy efficiency and sustainable development
  • Training on climate change, adaptation measures, risk management and resilience building, with a focus on gender equality and promotion of social responsibility.
  • A Diploma in “Solutions for Adaptation to Climate Change and the Increase of Resilience at Community Level”, in collaboration with the academic institutions.
  • Videos, radio messages and infographics highlighting solutions to climate change in the Dominican Republic were developed to raising awareness of climate change issues among the general public

Training of journalists in the Dominican Republic.

Our National Partners

Our work in the Dominican Republic is implemented under the leadership of the National Council on Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism, or CNCCMDL, which brings together 11 government sectors, as well as universities, the private sector and civil society organizations.

Project News and Activities

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