This analytical report highlights a number of successful initiatives that improved regional urban sustainability while also addressing other local problems, thus achieving co-benefits. The report and cases presented here not only detail the magnitude of the co-benefits that certain sectors achieved, but also provide insights into the conditions, which enabled local co-benefits to continue to evolve. They provide ideas on how positive changes can be attained as well as an understanding on how cities can generate solutions that have large, short and long-term positive benefits in terms of climate change mitigation and how this approach can be effectively embedded into local policy settings to contribute to cities’ ability to generate co-benefits at local level. Consequently, valuable lessons can be learned on how to promote win-win situations in climate change mitigation, environmental quality and local development across cities.

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Organization: UPU

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Environment, Urban, Green Jobs/Economy, Mitigation

Type of material: Analytical-Technical Document

Publication date: 2013

Language: English