This activity report is based on the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Conference on “Living with Climate Variability and Change: Understanding the Uncertainties and Managing the Risks”, which was organized to review the opportunities and constraints in integrating climate risks and uncertainties into decision-making in the core socio-economic sectors. The conference gathered climate scientists and user communities to collate their experiences in managing risks of climatic origin and to build a framework for future strategies. The conference drew on experience presented by experts from both private and public organizations. The main results of the conference are synthesized in this report. It is hoped that the summaries and syntheses of discussions and recommendations presented in this report will be a valuable source of information to the wide range of institutions, organizations and consortia of organizations engaged in supporting the society to deal with climate variability and change.

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Organization: WMO, Finnish Meteorological Institute, The International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Topics: Education, Environment, Science, Adaptation, Mitigation, Risk Reduction/Management, Policy Instruments

Type of material: Activity Report

Publication date: 2006

Language: English