This technical document summarizes the output of three Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (RTOACC) workshops held to identify available data as well as to pinpoint data gaps that need to be filled in order to develop an organic agriculture methodology for the carbon market that would synergize with general development goals and also potentially benefit smallholders in poor countries. In particular, the workshops addressed: 1) “Data consensus and data gaps related to soil carbon sequestration potential of organic crop and livestock systems”, and “Organic farming systems’ potential for accreditation of a methodology for the carbon market”; 2) “Life cycle assessment of organic food and farming systems: focusing on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration and methodological challenges and status”; and 3) “Review of progress and follow-up”.

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Organization: FAO

Topics: Agriculture and Food, Economic and Development Planning, Land Use Management, Mitigation, Carbon Financing and CDM

Type of material: Analytical-Technical Document

Publication date: 2011

Language: English