This activity report was prepared in preparation for a joint workshop. The workshop, which brought together a wide range of experts, including representatives from governments, academia, as well as inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, provided an important first opportunity for considered discussions on a complex set of critical issues that has so far received little attention.

A concrete follow-up includes the establishment of an intergovernmental UNECE Expert Group considering the subject in depth (2011-2013, now extended to 2017) and publishing a substantive final report, including policy recommendations, in 2014 (“Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks”). UNCTAD participated actively in the work of the Expert Group and continues to do so, following the extension of the EG mandate.

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Organization: UNCTAD, UNECE

Theme: Adaptation

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Transport, Adaptation, Risk Reduction/Management, COP22 List of UN Publications, COP23 List of UN Publications

Type of material: Activity Report

Publication date: 2010

Language: English