This investor briefing makes the business case for efficiency investments and presents best practices from leading real estate investors. It notes that buildings account for approximately a third of the world’s energy consumption and are a high-impact sector for urgent climate change mitigation action. The briefing begins by noting that financially attractive efficiency investment options exist for all types of properties, and that in the US, commercial buildings account for nearly 20% of energy consumption and 12% of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It goes on to summarize financial arguments for investments in energy efficiency, including that: they can repay themselves quickly, depreciate slowly and deliver decades-long returns; efficient buildings, higher rents and higher sale price are correlated; considering energy performance is an important component of risk management and an investor’s fiduciary duty; and at a time when energy prices are becoming more and more volatile, efficiency investments represent a good hedging strategy.

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Organization: UNEP

Topics: Finance, Industry, Energy, Mitigation, Technology, Economic Analysis

Type of material: Other

Publication date: 2014

Language: English