This technical paper draws from the information contained in submissions by Parties and admitted observer organizations in respect of decision 2/CP.17, paragraphs 79–86, the presentations and discussions at the workshops on various approaches that were held in conjunction with the first part of the fifteenth session of the AWG-LCA, and the discussions at the meetings of the informal group on various approaches during this part of the session. It is intended to assist Parties in their consideration of one or more models for the operation of a framework for various approaches, in their consideration of a pilot phase for such a framework, and in their elaboration of modalities and procedures of the new market-based mechanism, as defined in decision 2/CP.17, paragraph 83, with a view to recommending a decision to the Conference of the Parties at its eighteenth session.

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Organization: UNFCCC

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Finance, Mitigation, Economic Analysis

Type of material: Analytical-Technical Document

Publication date: 2012

Language: English