The manual focuses on three major energy-related issues: energy regulation and power sector reform; increased renewable energy technology penetration for rural electrification; and sustainable use of energy through energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors (including energy efficiency within buildings). It aims to achieve a positive input in these three areas by increasing the awareness and knowledge of energy regulatory and policymaking bodies and their personnel, and thereby strengthen energy sector regulating and policymaking capacity within African governments. The manual includes 20 training modules. Each module contains a “core” text that covers the main topic of the module.  Each module also has attached to it case studies, a PowerPoint presentation, examples of thematic discussions, references to further written materials and websites and a glossary.

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Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Finance, Industry, Energy, Environment, Technology, Economic Analysis, Governance – General, Policy Instruments, Capacity Development

Type of material: Guidance Document

Publication date: 2008

Language: English