This analytical report refers to the mobile handset industry as mobile telecom operators and standards bodies develop eco-rating schemes to communicate the sustainability and environmental performance of their products to consumers. It focuses on two approaches to the schemes: the comparative approach to performance that can be reviewed by the purchaser; and the certification approach which provides a level of certification that a device meets a minimum level of performance. This report explains that each approach attempts to provide a broad perspective of the sustainability impact of the manufacture, use and disposal of mobile handsets. This report encourages leading processes in conjunction with mobile operators, manufacturers, countries, NGOs and other interested sustainability stakeholders, to develop a unified global eco-rating standard for communicating the sustainability and environmental attributes of mobile handsets.

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Organization: ITU

Topics: Industry, Energy, Environment, Adaptation, Technology, Chemicals and Waste, Capacity Development

Type of material: Analytical-Technical Document

Publication date: 2012

Language: English