This is an UNCTAD edited book co-published by the UN with Earthscan (Routledge/Taylor & Francis), one of the leading publishers in the field of environment and sustainability. This book adopts a multidisciplinary approach and provides detailed insight on a range of the potential implications of climate change for this key sector of global trade.  It includes commissioned contributions from experts from academia, international organizations – such as the IMO, the UNFCCC secretariat, OECD, IEA and the World Bank – as well as the shipping and port industries. 

Download file: English

Organization: UNCTAD

Theme: Adaptation

Topics: Economic and Development Planning, Energy, Transport, Adaptation, Mitigation, Risk Reduction/Management, COP22 List of UN Publications, COP23 List of UN Publications

Type of material: Other

Publication date: 2012

Language: English