This manual aims to support decision makers who need to deal with the impacts of climate change but are not familiar with its science and interpretation of results from climate models. The document starts with a basic climate primer defining the concepts of weather, climate, climate variability and climate change. The mechanisms by which increases in greenhouse gases can cause climate change are discussed. This leads into a description of climate models and their function. Focus then turns to using the model output in assessing likely impacts and vulnerabilities. This includes model verification using observations, quantification of model probabilities and uncertainties, identification of key vulnerabilities as well as adaptation potentials, and, finally, developing response strategies. The manual concludes with a summary of likely climate changes confronting Mesoamerica in coming decades and the possible consequences of those changes.

Download file: ENG, SPN

Organization: IDB

Topics: Science, Policy Instruments

Type of material: Guidance Document

Publication date: 2010

Language: English, Spanish