ZCO2 and UN CC:Learn have partnered to increase awareness about climate change sensitive issues in the urban context of Rio de Janeiro’s low-income communities.

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ZCO2 and UN CC:Learn have partnered to increase awareness about climate change sensitive issues in the urban context of Rio de Janeiro’s communities.

The ZCO2/UN CC:Learn climate change education project aims to raise awareness about climate change issues and relate them to the urban context. The first stage will be to receive an online certification on the UN CC:Learn Introductory e-Course on Climate Change.

Two local non-profit organizations, Instituto Pro Natura and Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão have been empowered by UN CC:Learn to work closely with the communities and enable the continuation of the project after the initial phase.

Through this initiative, up to 30 community leaders will be exposed to an online training on climate change. The ‘certified’ leaders will later participate in a face-to face workshop at the Museu do Amanhã relating the foundational information to the urban context. The certification and training will be conducted in Portuguese.

The Introductory e-Course on Climate Change Course covers “everything you need to know” about climate change, from climate science to governance, and has been designed to provide answers to basic questions about climate change. The course modules have been developed and peer reviewed through UN CC:Learn.

About ZCO2

ZCO2 is a coalition program of citizens and companies engaged in sustainable development initiatives to combat climate change. It promotes a citizen community, based on various initiatives supporting the conscious consumption, on a virtuous cycle of rewards to all society. ZCO2 uses technological solutions of Logicalis, an IT Solutions and Management Service Provider to support its digital technology.

About Pro Natura

Pro-Natura’s mission is closely aligned to the objectives of the United Nations conventions on biodiversity, climate change and combating desertification. Its efforts are focused on the social, economic and environmental problems facing rural communities in the Tropics. Pro-Natura offers viable economic alternatives to people struggling to make a living from these imperiled environments. This Pro-Natura synergy is achieved by linking the preservation and restoration of natural resources to the (re) establishment of participative local governance.