In order to face up to the challenge that is delivering climate literacy across the globe, UN CC:Learn has made available a new feature which allows everyone to make voluntary donations to help scale up the programme’s efforts. Contribute today and help bring state-of-the-art e-learning resources on climate change and green economy to the most in need!

UN CC:Learn is the largest global platform for climate change e-learning. Currently, the platform brings together over 400k+ users and has issued over 120k+ certificates, making it the most valuable climate change resource around the globe.

The world has changed as a result of the global pandemic, and those left living in climate-vulnerable countries are even more disadvantaged. This highlights the desperate need to continue bridging the climate change and digital divide, providing everyone access to related free learning and understanding.

The Calls for Donations campaign, run by UN CC:Learn under our partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), looks to drive funds that will contribute to:

– Developing more innovative climate change related courses, keeping ahead of global changes, and cutting-edge research.

– Translating courses into user-specific languages, keeping each course relevant and available to those who need them most.

– Increasing support and help to the online learner’s community through user and technical support resources.

– Delivering the courses across multiple platforms, ensuring they are available to different browsers, devices, and networks.

Help support the ongoing development and maintenance of the platform, so that all can enjoy opportunities to learn about climate change and take action!

To find out more and learn about the campaign, please visit our the donations page here.