A series of blogs has been launched with the aim to feature success stories generating impact on communities and the lives of people, upon gaining knowledge and skills on climate change.

The series of blogs features success stories of people and communities that have been empowered to act on climate change through knowledge and skills development.

UN CC:Learn supports climate change training, education and public awareness-raising through collaborative efforts among of UN agencies and partners. It also supports countries in taking a strategic approach to climate change learning. These efforts are led with the main purpose of achieving results in transformational actions that will hopefully contribute to limiting temperature raise and reducing the vulnerabilities to climate change and its effects.

Since 2011, UN CC:Learn has introduced the topic of climate change to thousands of people by taking innovative digital and face-to-face learning formats on tour around the world. Through the stories posted on the blog, readers will be able to grasp this learning process and know more about how people have become aware of climate change and its effects in different fields, thanks to education.

Upon getting in touch with individuals from the UN CC:Learn network, collecting data, and following their work and initiatives, exemplary stories of leadership are part of the outcome. Each story showcases a unique learning experience and action path, as people are coming from very different contexts and backgrounds.

People can share their own stories with us by reaching out through our social media channels.

The blog can be followed here.