In June 2022, UNITAR and the One Ocean Hub launched a new platform – One Ocean Learn – to help transform the way ocean knowledge is produced and shared.


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It is time to reimagine and transform the way that we govern our oceans.

The ocean covers a bit more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, hosting a myriad of animals, plants, bacteria, minerals and much more, that are vital for sustaining life on our planet. Moreover, the ocean has extremely important environmental and economic roles, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and providing jobs and food for billions of people across all continents.

In this context, the use and production of ocean knowledge and resources are key to transforming ocean governance and to informing decision-making. However, both need to be more inclusive and accessible in order for all relevant actors and stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in ocean governance to have access to reliable, up-to-date and information on ocean-related topics. Towards this aim, One Ocean Learn (OO:Learn) came to life in June 2022 at the UN Ocean Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Launch of the One Ocean Learn platform at the UN Ocean Conference, in Lisbon.

It (OO:Learn) immerses users in a sea of resources where they can experience beauty and awe. The platform nourishes learning through curiosity and wonder. It inspires and challenges learners by navigating across scientific resources, different disciplines, art, and opportunities for partnerships. – Elisa Margera, One Ocean Hub

This new platform is designed for activists, communities, development practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to share resources on how global, national and local communities depend on and relate to our oceans, coastal areas and marine life.

OO:Learn’s focuses on connecting knowledge across different sources and enhancing capacities to use integrated knowledge to address real-world questions and to understand experiences, with a view to contributing toward more sustainable decisions on the ocean. The central idea is greater inclusivity and to significantly improve the way that knowledge on the ocean is shared among the many communities and individuals that have a stake in ocean governance, which means most of us.

To do this, One Ocean Learn features Learning Pathways where different change-makers on the ocean, from activists to researchers, can embark on a learning journey to build their capacity through curated resources and quizzes. In addition, the platform has a dedicated exhibition space that hosts artworks related to the ocean, with its first exhibition on the “Traditions and tales from the sea” by artist Julia Granillo Tostada.

Illustration part of the “Traditions and tales from the sea” by Julia Granillo Tostada.

One Ocean Learn is a joint undertaking between the One Ocean Hub, a collaborative research programme for sustainable development funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Global Challenges Research Fund, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

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